During my morning walks around Yokohama, I've started taking pictures with my Casio QV100 Digital Camera so I can share the sights (sounds later) of beautiful downtown Yokohama.

Here is a selection of pictures of Girl Scouts at Yamashita Park on the waterfront. And here is a series of pictures of a sculpture in the park by Donald Hurd of San Deigo called "Guardian of the Water", presented to teh people of Yokohama by the people of San Diego in May of 1960.

Here is a picture of the new bicycle I purchased so I could see more of Yokohama.

Here is a picture of the NIPPON Maru, an old sailing vessel moored at the Maritime Museum at Minato Murai 21 area near the Pan Pacific Hotel where I am staying. That's the famous Landmark Tower in the background, known as the "Tower of Bubble" since this very extravagant project was started during the bubble economy of the 80s. This building is the tallest in Japan and boasts that the elevator which whisks visitors to the 69th floor observation tower is the fastest elevator in the world. It reaches a top speed of 750 meters per second during a silky smooth trip with elegantly controlled starts and stops. Here is a picture of the Nippon Maru under full sail. This picture was scanned from the Yokohama Maritime Museum brochure using the scanning attachment of my Cannon BJC-80 printer.
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Updated 6/14/98