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Climate Reality Resources Climate Reality Resources
My Naval Caareer Naval Career
HAM Radion Stuff HAM Radio
A Tribute to Grampy Grampy
Atribute to Grammy Grammy
Rivendell Bleriot. My Country Bike
Haluzak Horizon. Our Haluzak Recumbents
WizWheelz TerraTrike 3.4 TerraTrike
San Diego County Bicycle Coalition SDCBC
My Latest Two Wheel Vehicle Black Betty
Places Where RVs Can/Cannot Park Overnight and a Database of Dump station Locations RV Park & Dump
Progressive Democrats of San Diego PDSD
East Des Moines High School, Class of 1957. EHS 57
My High School Graduating Class Project - East Des Moines High School, Class of 1956. EHS 56
My BMW R75/5 Motorcycle 1973 BMW R75/5
BMW Owners Club of San Diego BMW Club
Calculate the distance covered on your next bike ride. Bike Route Computer
Great site with information about all aspects of California native plants California Native Plants
The Gamma Pi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta - 1950's Era DTD 50s
USS BRADLEY (FF-1041), I was her Commanding Officer from July 1975 until July, 1977. USS BRADLEY
Check here for an update on Matt Milner's new company. M3
In 1998 I spent a lot of time in Japan. Yokohama
The most fun anyone could hope to have in Iowa in July! RAGBRAI
San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum Midway Magic
An interesting perspective on world population! Population
Friendship Quilters of San Diego - A Quilt Guild Quilters
Committing Aviation with my friend Larry Rothrock Flying!!
The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista California Antique Engines
An ancient Japanese art form bought into the Information Age as expressions of Microsoft Rage Computer Haiku
A comprehensive and easy-to-use online directory of residential and business listings Phone Book

A great resource of information about Digital Cameras Digital Cameras
A large collection of MIDI music MIDI
A Single Image Randon Dot Stereogram SIRDS
Consumer Sentinal, an innovative international law enforcement fraud-fighting program. File a complaint or learn about how this program works. Consumer Fraud
The Great Wall of China: Over 2,000 years old! It was built and rebuilt over a period of 1,000 years. Great Wall
Visit The Louvre and take a Virtual Tour Louvre
Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon The Moon
This image of Earth’s city lights was created with data from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Operational Linescan System (OLS). Originally designed to view clouds by moonlight, the OLS is also used to map the locations of permanent lights on the Earth’s surface. See or for the whole story. Earth Alight!
An interesting photograph from space of sunset happening over Africa. Sunset Over Africa
Recent monthly economic data for the United States and each of the 50 states. Data also available for regional and metropolitan areas. Entries include unemployment rate, average hourly earnings, consumer & producer prices indexes, etc. US Economy
A very rich site, filled with easy to understand information about how a wide variety of things work. How Stuff Works
Explore the heart, the complexities of its development and structure and follow blood through the blood vessels and much more. The Heart
Common Errors in English: The aim of this site is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business, and titters of amusement at the way you write or speak. Tips on hundreds of confusing words and pairs such as affect/effect, adapt/adopt, advice/advise, etc. English Errors
Site provides easy-to-understand and balanced legal information to consumers and small businesses, and helps you find answers to your legal questions and solutions to legal problems. Self-Help Law
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. Astronomy
On-line version of the C-SPAN TV series on the lives of all 41 US Presidents. US Presidents
Fianacial Planning information sources $$$ Planning
The Biscuits and Gravy Quarterly "B&G"
A bible search site that offers numerous versions of the Bible in various languages and editions. Bible Search
Site presents cancer-related drug info by disease category. Fighting Cancer
A comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor. Hacker Jargon
Site defines and clarifies the chaotic mass of letters under the hood of your PC (personal computer). What'sIt
Use this handy site to create a list of the 10 best cities for you to live. Life Styles
Useful on-line source information about scholarly works. All Academic
Lowest rate on a mortgage, car loan, credit card, or just about any other sort of loan. Loans
A directory of over 10,000 books that can be read on the Internet. On-Line Books
The New York Times is one of the best newspapers online NY Times
A leading distributor of e-business services and applications on the Internet. TuCows
The National Geographic Magazine - Learn about geography, view featured exhibits, and of course the outstanding pictures. NG
The Positive Press Good News
The Vertical Portal for Overhead Imagery TerraServer
Free information to solve what ails you. Healthcare
An educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature. Novel Guidet
Want to dig into your family's roots online? Get started with Cindi's List, a genealogical site that boasts links to 79,900 online resources. Geneology
College Opportunities On-Line (COOL) - Your direct link to over 9,000 colleges and universities in the United States. If you are thinking about a large university, a small liberal arts college, a specialized college, a community college, a career or technical college or a trade school, you can find them all here. COOL
Find out when, where and which movies are playing in your area, what they're about and order your tickets online before you leave for the show.
Driving directions, local city guides, online maps, travel guides; this site has it all. Don't leave home without it! MapQuest
What vitamins do you take? How much? With food? On an empty stomach? And of course, why? Take a short online quiz and get a personal vitamin profile. Vitamin Adviser
Peruse this engaging site for a snapshot of the important people, events, and changes of the past 100 years, then test your knowledge or vote for the person and event of the century. The Century
Find out the current local time for cities all over the world. Automatically updated once every minute. World Time
A link to the home page of my college fraternity. DTD
Site provides quick view of various aspects of family law for the fifty states in the areas of alimony/spousal support factors, custody criteria, child support guidelines, grounds for divorce and residency requirements, property division, and third-party visitation. Family Law
A link to Together For Leather ( TFL.COM

Determine whether your weight is considered within the underweight, normal, overweight, or obese category. Body Mass Index
International Obesity TaskForce

Did you know that 55% of the population of the United States are "overweight" and that 33.4% are clinically "obese"? Click here to see where you stand. Obesity is second only to tobacco as a risk factor for self inflicted disease, accountable for about 300,000 deaths per year and an economic cost of between 50 to 100 billion dollars. Read this to become better informed, or here for a very complete web site on the subject.Here is another.


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