Additional Resources to Understand Anthropogenic Global Warming and Climate Change


Take the Time to Understand – It Is Important



Short YouTube Videos to Watch:


Climate Denial:

The Price of Carbon:

Hurricane Sandy:!

Science and Distortion – Strategy for Denial:

National Research Council series (7 videos) explaining how scientists have arrived at the current state of knowledge about recent climate change and its causes.


TED Talk about the need for a conversation on Geoengineering solutions to mitigating global warming.


Longer Videos to Focus On – They are very important to Understanding the Nature and Impact of Global Warming and Climate Change:


Is the Science of Global Warming Settled Enough for Policy?


Climate Refugees Documentary



Years of Living Dangerously - Premier Episode of Showtime Series
A 9 part video documentary presented on Showtime

Years of Living Dangerously Home Page

Living Dangerously Premier Episode (1 of 9)