Climate Reality Resources

For further reading, viewing and study on topics presented during one of my Climate Reality Presentations, I offer a collection of resources for you.

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Click here for a .m4v video, "Climate Refugees". This film is best viewed with the QuickTime viewer.

  1. Recommended Reading List
  2. Important Video Resources
  3. Obama Climate Speech at UN 2014
  4. Obama Climate Speech at UN 2009
  5. The Carbon Trust IPCC AR5 Summary
  6. National Climate Assessment Background and Talking Points
  7. California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste
  8. National Security Implication of Climate Change
  9. Republican Administration Officials Urge Climate Change Action
  10. Who pushed the pause button? An excellent explanation of the apparent recent slow down of global warming.
  11. A Prominent Republican Speaks Out on the Need for Urgent Action on Climate Change Mitigation
  12. China Takes Lead in Nuclear Power for Energy Production
  13. What if all the ice on Earth melted?
  14. Ezra Klein Interview with Al Gore
  15. Climate of Denial PDF HTML
  16. New Hope for the Climate PDF HTML
  17. Obama and Climate Change
  18. U.S. Exports Global Warming
  19. The Carbon Trust Booklet
  20. Albedo
  21. "IPCC 101"
  22. Heartland Institute's NIPCC Discredited
  23. Arctic Resources
  24. Arctic Sea Ice Collapse
  25. Arctic Routes
  26. Arctic Permafrost Degrading
  27. Arctic Sea Ice Extent Graph
  28. Aviation Fuel - Hydrogen
  29. How Can Biochar Help
  30. Cap andTrade vs Tax and Dividend
  31. Tax and Dividend
  32. CO2 Coefficients by Fuel
  33. CO2 Coefficients
  34. Carbon Trading in EU
  35. Climate Change Denial - A "Manufactured Controversy"
  36. Climate Change Denial
  37. It's All About People
  38. Tipping Point
  39. Enteric Fermentation - Cow Gas
  40. Fracking Dirtier than Coal
  41. Fracking Threatens America's Water Supply
  42. Climate Warnings Growing Louder
  43. Not So Fast Natural Gas
  44. Geologic Time Scale
  45. Span of Human Existence
  46. Hydrogen Fuel Breakthrough
  47. Dr. James Hansen's Paper on Global Warming
  48. Greenland Ice Sheet Thaw
  49. National Security - Military Opinion
  50. Polar Ice Loss
  51. California AB 32 - Cap and Trade
  52. Fracking the Future
  53. Fracking the Future II
  54. Koch Industries
  55. Carbon Budget
  56. Hydrogen Catalyst
  57. Hydrogen Fuel Breakthrough
  58. Methane Emissions from Shale
  59. President Obama's Climate Action Plan
  60. President Obama's Climate Speech Transcript
  61. 10 Things President Obama Must Do Now
  62. Producing Clean Hydrogen
  63. Super Pollutants - Black Carbon, Methane, and HFCs
  64. Tar Sands Coke in Detroit
  65. The Carbon Dioxyde Budget
  66. The Hockey Stick (and wheelchair) Graph of Global Temperature Increases
  67. Shale Gas in the U.K.
  68. Volcanic CO2 Emissions
  69. Water Free Fracing with Methane Gel
  70. Fracing Process
  71. Fracing Process II
  72. Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
  73. The 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said About Global Warming
  74. A new study says Arctic ice may be gone by 2050, or earlier.
  75. Distribution of Nuclear Power Generating Plants World-Wide.

Updated 8/31/2014