Tom Lettington's Personal Vision Statement

In 1999 I generalized my quest for a means to participate in the rapid movement toward the information age by embarking on a private consulting practice. By making this move, I was free to pursue my passion in a way which is consistant with the following vision statement. In 2004 I retired from the working life to freely pursue my interests free of the requirements to follow the dictates of those who would pay me money in exchange for my time. I devote my time to reading, learning, and enjoying freedom to enjoy being with Kay and family and friends.

The future in which I will continue my quest for knowledge grows more exciting every day. Information Technology is changing and growing exponentialy. With the emergence of nanotechnology, new horizons appeared. I encourage readers to explore "The Singularity Is Near" by Ray Kurzwiel.
The following facts and core beliefs were set down in July of 1995 and remain valid today even though many now appear self evident:

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Updated 4/16/2006